All of our guest artists


Hard techno dj with a groovy side

Ash Roy

Ash Roy’s illustrious twenty year career has seen him perform around the world

Bass Collectors

Bass Collectors is a techno DJ/Producer from the Northern part of the Netherlands.


Berden, His signature sound consist of hard hitting kickdrums, packed with the needed groove and raw energetic synths.

Besty Fritz

Besty Fritz, hailing from Italy and born in 1986, started to DJ in 2003. He grew a passion for music since his childhood and started to play percussion drums and watch others DJ's play music.

Break Rules Enjoy

Break Rules Enjoy, music mixologist. Multi disciplinary skilled (vinyl, CD, all digital)

Bullzeye (IN)

Starting very young, Bullzeye has been a power to reckon with since 1999


CaroLala is a DJ blends anything from dark ambient to raw industrial techno and everything in between

Cathia (PL)

riginally from Poland,she is now based in The Hague, Netherlands..


DJ/Producer from the Netherlands with a fondness for abstract, industrial techno.


This Dutch DJ lives in Amersfoort. He has been active as underground DJ in techno for over more than 20 years, and is a resident DJ for the Nøthing Collective. His style can be best described as psychologic, industrial techno with darker elements.

Dave Mech

Dave Mech has always gravitated towards energetic rhythms and hypnotizing atmospheres.

Delayed Sentence

Raw techno eleganza

DJ Marr

i am a freestyle dj and mix different genres


DJ NiMe is a passionate enthusiast of House music and started spinning in the late eighties he has witnessed the emergence of house from the beginning. Started spinning vinyl and expanded his skills digitally. All of this still can be heard in his sets.

Dj Slave

DJ Slave (a.k.a. Arnold Farkas) started his career in 1998, now performing gigs in the cultic places of the Netherlands, in the Sugarfactory, Chicago Social Club, Westergasterras, Magistrat Rotterdam, BarCode, Wunderbar Nijmegen, and more


DOWN&OUT is the nom the plume of dutch dj Antoine Schillemans.


“The groove theory “


Gooseman, a 90's kid with an innate passion for electronic music.

Isa Roffelsen


DJ/ Producer who loves to entertain people with her energetic style of mixing dark, raw and hard Techno


Melodic techno specialist from the South of the Netherlands, sending you to space and beyond.

Jasons Hank

Has been involved in performances for four years to attract followers into the industrial music world.


He has a unique style of techno music. Hard and deep sets with the best music


JRN stands for high energy techno with a raw aspect.

Julian Ruiz

I am Honest, Energetic, Friendly, and Sympathetic.



Hard Techno DJ Duo Based in Amsterdam


A set performed by Kipa is open-minded, but with a clear preference: underground.


KVD is a Dutch hard techno DJ, currently based in Breda. She is obsessed with the underground techno scene and that's why she likes to bring a dark and raw vibe to the dancefloor.


LAWSUIT brings black and white techno with glimpses of melodic and acid techno.


Lbert likes to treat his audience with unique melodic techno and deep house sets.


Maarton is a sonic soul who’s DNA is rooted in House music back in the late 80’s.

Mae Marceau

Mae Marceau is one of the most sensational new talents to emerge from the vibrant Amsterdam techno scene.

Marco Spaans

I LOve Techno !

Max Selby



DJ MEMFIS 🇺🇦 known as Marat Ragimov Unique symbiosis of ballet dancer and DJ Started as a classical ballet soloist at National Opera of Ukraine, spreading art towards DJing as a mutual music lover.

Menja Mist

The daughter of a Swedish Ambassador bringing a bit of class to the rejuvenation of Dutch techno. As Menja Mist

Mind Your Step

His style can be described as leaning towards the harder side of techno, with a link to the past.

Minitech Project (IN)

Minitech Project is an ambassador of modern techno, and a futurist passionate about pushing the art of performing electronic music.

Natalino Nunes

Dj/producer Natalino Nunes, also founder of Jays Records label. Based in Paris, fascinated by electronic music

Near Earth Object

Nick Bennett

With over 20 years of professional experience, Nick Bennett began his DJ career in the London bar and club circuit, playing "House" music in vinyl record format with his older brother, who has always been a huge musical influence for him.

Nikki Gonzalez (GR)

Nikki started her career as a resident DJ and radio producer for the radio station Enter Radio 91.7 in Patras, Greece.

Nina de Koning

Amsterdam based DJ, producer and label owner

Olivia Jones (PE)

My music style is al about fusion


Orquesm are a dutch production and deejay outfit from Amsterdam. The duo Jeffrey Bakker & Michael Ulrich started out in the early nineties, djing at places like the legendary Waakzaamheid club & Renaissance nights in their Homeland

Perry Owens

Erik Ruivenkamp aka Perry Owens geboren en wonend in Den Haag op 15 april 1967.

Pimp Chic! (BR)

PIMP CHIC! is one of the uprising DJ duo from Brazil, formed by DJ Edu Lima & DJ Maykon Santolli.


Born in 1996, Lars (Prosec) became in love with different styles of techno and tech-house. Late twenties he bought his first deck and started playing different styles of music at houseparties.


For everyone who likes electronic music with rough edges.


Randy Knobs

Randy Knobs, solid techno on the deeper, but groovy side of the spectrum is what he stands for.


RAuW is founded by two people with the same passion, TECHNO!! RAW is a sub genre of Techno.


Years of playing in parties and radio shows have given s:tone a deep understanding of electronic music. (PT) has been living in Amsterdam for over a decade now. He has found his way through the nightlife after moving to Amsterdam, where he was able to follow his dreams

Sam Wise (IS)

Hailing from Iceland(pun intended), Samwise is a techno/techhouse producer that is currently based in Amsterdam

Saskia Laval

Shane Belles

Shane Belles


SoRiel, full name Sophie van Riel, was born in the south of the Netherlands

Son of 8-bits

Son of 8-Bits specialises in techno with a preference for hypnotising progression

Sophie de Bruin

Sophie Bruin, her music characterized as, underground with a dance-able groove.

Sous Dubois

Sous Dubois is a DJ/producer within electronic music and he is born and raised in the south side of Amsterdam.

Special Key

Special Key is a DJ/Producer, Sound Designer and Cyber security specialist. Born in 1991 on the italian-swiss border, she moved to the Netherlands at the age of 20.

Steef Zweef

Tonight i hope my set will help your brain to release the dopamine chemical that is responsible for us feeling motivated and energized.

Stephanie Noordermeer


Inspired by mysterious melodics combined with fine, deep basses Stoob takes you on a journey.


Roberto Pugliese Aka Sugar Glider is an hard techno/melodic techno dj from Monopoli, south Italy.

Susan Right

Susan Right, Her sound is marked by melodic and deep vibes and her insatiable desire to create a unforgettable dancefloor experience for her audience.


True. Eindhoven. Techno.


As a DJ, T-Gray is one of those rare allrounders who can go in-depth in every genre he masters.

Teya Flow

Ukrainian music artist, singer-songwriter, Dj-producer


Thalia launched her career in the nineties, when the upcoming dance scene brought all kinds of music to the dance floor.

Tulpa Dusha (RU)

Tulpa | Dusha are two audio projects, created by Anna Martinova, original from Baltic shores



Valerio Sinatra

Valerio is a true musical virtuoso, weaving together genres ranging from Techno and Electro to whatever turns his attention to behind the turntables.

Wietze Young

Wietze Young, Dj from region Leeuwarden


WILHVLM also known as WLHM is a Tech House and Techno DJ and Executive producer. Born in Australia, he commenced DJ'in during the 90's in the Sydney, Australian Techno Scene, before an officially DJ industry existed at the scale it does today.